What Dojo 2 Go Can Do For You and Your Students

Dojo 2 Go is a way for your students to reference practice materials, interact with fellow students and ask questions, all in a safe, monitored environment! All videos will be created and approved by your teaching staff. Only your registered students are given access to our messaging and video areas, so you can be sure students are safe in our digital space. The Dojo 2 Go platform was developed with usability in mind, and adding high quality content to the site is as simple as clicking a button. Also included in the package is a full featured e-commerce storefront to facilitate the sale, inventory management and tracking of various goods. Check out our Lessons to see Dojo 2 Go in action!


Custom Videos

High quality videos custom tailored to the students skill level and created by their instructors

Student to Student Interaction

Students can add each other as friends, post status updates, form groups and send messages to other students

Protected Content

Video and text content are secured against downloading, deterring unauthorized distribution

Safe and Secure

Only registered members can access message boards or interact with students, and interactions are monitored for safety

Instructor Feedback

Students can receive advice and feedback from instructors, and instructors and seniors can interact with students as well

Dojo Shop

Membership includes access to our dojo store, so students can easily purchace official Dojo2go equipment


Dojo 2 Go offers a secondary stream of revenue to your school with a low cost subscription fee for students


Dojo 2 Go offers a low cost implementation and setup cost, allowing you to see profits from the investment sooner

Easy to Use

Dojo 2 Go can be accessed by any device with internet access, and uploading stylish content and videos is as simple as clicking a button

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